Hello, Internet!


I’m Gigi and this is where I’m documenting my adventure on becoming a published author. We’re firmly standing in the 21st century and the publishing world is more interesting than ever before. The typical path to publishing is less than simple to define and has no insurance of success or quality (E.L. James versus Tiffany Reisz, for example). The ebook discussion is lively and at times intense and fanfiction is creating all sorts of new questions, like the internet is doing with all things we consider ‘traditional’ media. From newspapers to blockbuster films, you, dear Internet, are turning everything on its head.

As for me? I started my writing journey two and a half years ago in the prestigious ranks of Fanfiction.net. I was horribly ill during the winter holidays and ended up consuming two and a half seasons of the CW’s Gossip Girl to distract from the all-consuming desire to be put out of my misery. Pretty people wearing pretty clothes in The City cooking up crazy schemes and high drama? Yes please. I had originally read the novels and blame my girly ways and love of labels on imagining Serena and Blair shopping at Bergdorf’s and Sephora.

It was a want of Blair’s bedside carriage clock that led me to fanfiction (this story, actually: UES, Introducing Blair Waldorf). I knew what fanfiction was, I’d read Sailor Moon works when I was younger, and even some great Pride and Prejudice pieces as an adult. But it wasn’t until Gossip Girl and their expansive fandom (as I write, about 10,000 stories are housed at fanfiction.net, making it the 10th larges community under ‘books’ on the site) that I tried to write any. A push and a shove from one of the fandoms established writers, plus the launch of Gossip-fic.net and their (now sadly defunct) forum boards, and there I was. In about eight months I’d written three complete stories (two novella length and one hefty novel) and some one-shots (short vignettes). The largest one, Love You Some Day, put me in the upper tier of Gossip Girl fan writers, garnering 1,000 reviews in 25 chapters and just over 100,000 words. Subsequent works reenforced that Love You Some Day was not a fluke and maybe this writing thing, for all its fun, could be something?

In my second year in fandom, I wrote a re-imagined telling of White Christmas, another novella length story, and began my fanfic magnum opus: What Do You Believe In? At the same time, I won my first fan award and began seeing what my local community had for writers. I went to my first conference at the local RWA chapter and was interviewed by a professor at UC Berkeley for a yet-to-be-published book on Fanfiction and Internet Memory.

This, my third year, has been a steadily increasing transition. Gossip Girl ended, I joined a writers group, the RWA, began developing a concept for my first novel. My stories and I won more fan awards, I submitted to my first writing contest. Went to my second conference, had an incredible one-day workshop with the great Donald Maass. And now, here I am blogging!

I plan to post thoughts, experiences, commentary, and even bits of writing. I hope you’ll read, follow, and even more so, engage. There’s nothing like a great conversation! After all, if it wasn’t for that shove, and the comments, community, conversations, and beautiful friendship that followed, I know I wouldn’t be writing today. So just a moment to say a most heartfelt thank you to all of those wonderful people for touching my life with such kindness and support. Now. To the future! xoxo


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