These BONI Dreams, Under my Pillow: Day 7

The Ending. Has it been a day or a week? AM: Our last meal together. I was really cognizant that it was all ending today, so everything felt sad to me. A lot of these people I’ll never see again. If I’m lucky, I’ll see a few of them again some time, but who knows […]

BONI at the bar: Day 6

Unleashing authors into the night… AM: Tame-ish breakfast with Gretchen and Tracy this morning. We talked mostly about why we came here. Then I walked the garden before our last big class. Today’s theme was story purpose. So we looked at the beginning and end in our story, talked about settings, symbols, and using allegories […]

A BONI Day with Donald: Day 5

A day packed with Donald. It’s like visiting Mount Olympus. AM: I think we were all a bit zombified this morning. Breakfast sort of rolled by. I just remember there were pancakes today. (I told you the food was good- well the buffets at least.) For my part, I’m blaming The Babysitters Club across the […]

Here in BONI VA: Day 4

Day 4 is probably my most intensely scheduled day of the program! AM: I went down to breakfast fairly early. I was awake and dressed, so why not? One of *the* best parts of events like this, is the people. Don and the wonderful staff aside, I have thirty-some other writers of all sorts of […]

And be you blithe and BONI: Day 3

AM: Another great breakfast, chatting away with other authors. Then off to have Don spend three hours blowing us out of the water repeatedly ­čÖé┬áToday focused on the inner journey of the protagonist and digging even deeper into them. I personally found an entirely new angle to hit with my protagonist and her issues, and […]

This is your brain on BONI. BONI Day 2

Day 2: Lesson 1:┬áBreakfast is at 7:30amand goes until 9am.┬áClass begins at 9:30am. You would (hopefully) be surprised at the number of us that arrived to eat breakfast at 7:30am. My talented self included. But hey, the food was delicious (I’m thinking on the whole we’re super lucky in regards to meals. They’ve been phenomenal.) […]

We are a BONI group of authors: BONI Day 1

I made it! From uncertain, to wait listed, to joining the class last minute, I am here! BONI VA 2013 The backstory: A year ago, I had never heard of Donald Maass. :insert gasp if necessary: But then, at the same time, my local RWA chapter as well as Savvy Authors colluded to bring him […]