BONI at the bar: Day 6

Unleashing authors into the night…


Tame-ish breakfast with Gretchen and Tracy this morning. We talked mostly about why we came here. Then I walked the garden before our last big class. Today’s theme was story purpose. So we looked at the beginning and end in our story, talked about settings, symbols, and using allegories for your characters. I love symbols and allegories, so I had fun. But it felt like reality had already started to creep in, knowing everything was arcing towards its conclusion.

Lunch and another walk with LoraLee. We talked about how happy we were to have each other throughout this week. Who knew in raising my hand and admitting I had “performance anxiety”, I’d find a friend? The universe is a weird weird place!

The afternoon is wrapping things up, last meetings for some, most of us are packing so we can checkout before class starts.


All my consults were done, so I just got to work and relax and start packing since checkout is technically while we’re still finish our class, so we need to checkout before or after breakfast. Dinner seemed to continue in the vein of ‘it’s all over soon’. It seemed quieter, though there was still a lot of laugher. Nothing stops Terry and Sylvia from telling a good joke! I got to sit by Lorin and Brenda, so it was nice getting to talk socially with them. I taught the table about fanfiction, which is always interesting for me- that so many writers don’t really know what it is. Love the discussion that come out of it though!

Our plan to visit the boardwalk was foiled by a large storm system moving through (hey, better tonight then tomorrow when we all have flights to catch) so a bunch of us went to the bar to relax. I got to talk to Jason a little bit and some of the other attendees that I’d for one reason or another had not gotten to sit with.
We also got to witness Don in action:

Don’t mess with Brooklyn

It’s been a long but brilliant and amazing week. I’m ready to turn in and rest before my last morning studying at the feet of Don and  Free Expressions. For this trip at least 😉


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