A Love Letter to My Dream (2012)

Her heart tugged a little, like always, kissing her soulmate goodbye- for now, before slipping out the door.  Walking to the King Street station, the early autumnal fog clung to everything- the moisture of the Potomac making the old city grey. Her little Cole Haan’s clicked along as she tapped her SmartTrip and joined the first glut of commuters into the capital. Earbuds nestled in, Bach’s cello suites pulsing through her, humming, as she glossed through the days agenda for the second time since rising. Like it is timed in every last cell of her body, she instinctively feels her stop approaching, without hearing the announcement, “Next stop, Farragut West.” 

No matter how long she had been living her dream, she still smiled when the large Old Executive Office Building came into view up and to her left. But the smile was not for that elaborate facade, it was for the building just around the corner. Seeing the OEOB was like the last street lamp before arriving home. Yes… Home. Her Blair House. Her few square feet on the sidelines of history, where great men had been walking for hundreds of years, and the incredible men and women of today continued to leave footprints and smiles still. The fluttering of her happy heartbeats became the furious beating of butterfly wings as her day began with the flash of a smile at the guard, the rush of her living her dream making every day more beautiful, and fuller, than yesterday. 


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