Cleveland & The Muses

This spring, my little family (me, my mother, and my husband) took a day trip to Cleveland. We had tickets to hear the symphony perform Mozart’s Requiem. It had been my mother’s dream for many years to hear Cleveland’s symphony perform in the hallowed domain of Severance Hall. The hub known as University Circle is […]

Chasing Genesis

I saw another one today- sleek black, de-badged, no way to know if it was a 2.0 or 3.8, beyond being a first generation before the refresh and simply being beautiful. I followed it through the parking lot, just wanting my few seconds with my little dream. No, that’s not right, it’s not a dream, […]

On 30 and Looking Back: A Millennial Story

I turned thirty years old yesterday. React however you may, whether it’s a number in your past or your future, you cannot deny its landmark status. No longer a twenty-something, I had many people attesting how great their thirties were. I don’t deny its possibilities and freedom but it feels like taking a hard swallow […]

Fan Filter: Reader/Writer Involvement in Serialized Fiction

As I edge more and more into the world of ‘legitimate’ writing, should we like to think of published writing in such a way, I’m continuing to learn new things with each class, meeting, workshop, and encounter I have in the Writer’s World. One awareness I have uncovered and an experience I cherish comes from […]

A BONI Day with Donald: Day 5

A day packed with Donald. It’s like visiting Mount Olympus. AM: I think we were all a bit zombified this morning. Breakfast sort of rolled by. I just remember there were pancakes today. (I told you the food was good- well the buffets at least.) For my part, I’m blaming The Babysitters Club across the […]

Hello, Internet!

Greetings! I’m Gigi and this is where I’m documenting my adventure on becoming a published author. We’re firmly standing in the 21st century and the publishing world is more interesting than ever before. The typical path to publishing is less than simple to define and has no insurance of success or quality (E.L. James versus […]