A Lesson In What I Don’t Want

I hope the title, and the contents of this post, is not too off-putting when I say it’s about Diana Gabaldon’s visit here last week. It’s just that the simple fact is that as I read my notes from her reception and subsequent public presentation and viewing it in hindsight, I wasn’t left in awe or […]

Fan Filter: Reader/Writer Involvement in Serialized Fiction

As I edge more and more into the world of ‘legitimate’ writing, should we like to think of published writing in such a way, I’m continuing to learn new things with each class, meeting, workshop, and encounter I have in the Writer’s World. One awareness I have uncovered and an experience I cherish comes from […]

Fanfiction: What and Why?

What? You’ve probably comes across the term lately, thanks to successes like The Mortal Instruments series and the Fifty Shades trilogy. It’s pretty easy to parse the term ‘fanfiction’: fiction written by fans. The concept has been around for decades, even longer by some definitions. But what is it, really? Fanfiction is stories written by […]

Hello, Internet!

Greetings! I’m Gigi and this is where I’m documenting my adventure on becoming a published author. We’re firmly standing in the 21st century and the publishing world is more interesting than ever before. The typical path to publishing is less than simple to define and has no insurance of success or quality (E.L. James versus […]